Childrens Theatre Christmas - Puppet Theatre Raindeer on The Roof

Our original Christmas tale sees Darcey waking up one Christmas morning to find a Reindeer stuck on her roof! Why is it there? Where did it come from? It couldn’t possibly be one of Santa’s reindeer….could it?

Using a stunning lifesize Reindeer puppet to bring this magical story to life, audiences will join Darcey and her newest friend on a  magical trip to the North Pole as they bid to save Christmas and make sure every last present is delivered!

The Show

Originally commissioned by The Rondo Theatre in Bath in 2016, ‘Reindeer on the roof!’ was created with funding from the Arts Council England and held a two week residency at the venue.

In 2018, the show was re-purposed for touring and enjoyed a short tour of the South. The show is aimed at family audiences, with performances geared towards children’s of 3+ and their families.

Our intention has been to create a true ‘family’ theatre show, with both a humour and an underlying story that adults can enjoy as well.


It’s Christmas morning and Darcey wakes up to a sparkly tree, a stocking full of presents and a Reindeer on the roof!

Why is the Reindeer here? Shouldn’t it be with Santa and all the other Reindeer? Is it lost? Without the other Reindeer and Santa’s sleigh,how will it ever get home?

Join Darcey on her epic adventure to get her new Reindeer friend back to Lapland where he belongs and discover the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

Dates toured:

  • 14/12/18 – Central Studio, Basingstoke
  • 15/12/18 – 16/12/18 – Zion Community Art Space, Bristol
  • 22/12/18 – 23/12/18 – Pound Arts, Corsham

Upcoming dates: n/a

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